Dupilumab – Hocum

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"VERY INTERESTING" This was the often used comment by A [...]

Dupilumab: More Peculiar Happenings

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Here's a new comment on Dupilumab. Patient 1: A 20ish h [...]

Prescribing Dupilumab

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Something is peculiar with the new drug Dupilumab and i [...]


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Some thoughts about Dupilumab We all need input from pa [...]

Dupilumab Study – Subject Patient Comments

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The Dupilumab studies were 16 weeks long. This is a ver [...]

Dupilumab Study – Are Eczema Patients Being ‘duped’ Again?

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My most recent postings have dissected the protocol, th [...]

Dupilumab – Does the Drug Work?

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The Dupilumab studies as reported in the New England Jo [...]

Dupilumab – Horror Movie

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In recounting the diagnosis, management and cure of 400 [...]

Dupilumab Study – Journal Articles

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Dupilumab is now FDA approved as of March 28, 2017 and [...]

Dupilumab: Further Comments

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After having cured 4000 plus patients with steroid addi [...]