Red Skin Syndrome: Stop The Suffering

A continual avalanche of new and long-suffering “eczema” patients who have found me over the Internet has prompted me to begin a new website and daily blog. The simple fact is that these patients are unique and identifiable through many simple and time-tested methods. They do NOT have eczema but instead are manifesting symptoms of another kind.

The doctors that these patients have seen believe that they are treating chronic eczema when indeed they do not recognize that their patients have severe vasodilation and redness from the steroids that they themselves are prescribing! Their patients have developed Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) and a topical steroid addiction (TSA) from using the increasing amounts and strengths of the corticosteroids prescribed to help them.

The time has come for eczema societies and physicians to stop exposing these patients to dangerous misguided therapies.

I will dismiss detrimental recommendations, invalid explanations, and other faulty advice and on the part of many physicians.

I will discuss the appropriate methods to make the right diagnosis that will lead to a CURE for Red Skin Syndrome.

The blog will be based on my life experience and medical practice solving the problem of Red Skin Syndrome one patient at a time over the past 35 years. The content of each blog will address a specific topic in the scientific understanding of Red Skin Syndrome and the ordeal of topical steroid addiction that so many patients continue to experience. There will be ongoing commentary on the misdirected myths and the often misguided medical advice and therapies that exist on the topic including raising caution about enlisting patients into new drug studies that are treating the wrong diagnosis and can potentially cause even more harm to patients.

My goal is to end the current tragedy of needless patient suffering. It may take the patient months or even years to recover but the reward is a lasting cure.


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  • TSA (Topical Steroid Addiction)
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Marvin Rapaport is the man!, this group wouldn’t exist without his work, no-one would even be aware of the condition if it wasn’t for his expert knowledgable and dedication… He’s the best dermatologist to go to about this. Should be given a medal for all the suffering he’s ended as a result of his discoveries. No one else understands this condition more than he does.
Douglas Maddy
Thank you from the bottom our families hearts for the work you do and the help you provide Rss sufferers. My daughter is fully healed and would never be living the like she is now with out the Rss community and your involvement in that. Today she turned 7 and has perfect skin and is able to enjoy being eczema free.
Kirsten Lyle
Despite lectures to dermatologists and papers published in the most prestigious Dermatology journals, the mainstream medical community will not accept the concept that it is their medical therapy that causes and promotes Red Skin Syndrome. Instead, they continue to mislabel the disorder and insist that “chronic eczema” is an incurable condition. I am determined through my blog, the media, and the numerous cured patients to take this concept into mainstream thinking.
Listening to my patients, understanding their plight, adhering to the sound tenets of my medical training, and abiding by the wise counsel of my mentors to embrace new ideas is the way to practice good medicine.
The blog will be based on my life experience and medical practice solving the problem of Red Skin Syndrome one patient at a time over the past 35 years. The content of each blog will address a specific topic in the scientific understanding of Red Skin Syndrome and the ordeal of topical steroid addiction that so many patients continue to experience.
My goal is to eradicate Red Skin Syndrome by curing those suffering RSS patients with whom I have personal contact and by spreading this science to all those who are too distant via technology.
The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait until that other is ready, and it may be a long time before they get off.

― Henry David Thoreau

Latest From The Blog

Every three or four days I will publish new commentary on the blog. Drawing on 35 years of experience treating patients suffering with Red Skin Syndrome I will include an array of patient histories, photographs, patient stories in their own words, appropriate comments from the dermatology literature, and details on physicians in the world who understand this problem and are willing to help. I know that you will find yourself and your tale on these pages and I am confident that you will find the cure that will end your suffering. Every patient that I have seen, over 3,000 in 35 years, has been cured or is on the road to recovery. I look forward to this adventure together.


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Some thoughts about Dupilumab

1. We all need input from patients who have been taking or took the drug.

2. Information on patients on the drug has not been forthcoming.

3. Tell us if you have had good results or no results.

4. Yes, this is anecdotal, but we need some direction.

5. The drug is extremely expensive – why?

6. In my experience seeing patients in the office, I have seen several patients who failed while taking the drug, one patient being given the drug free for a year – why? – to increase the numbers of patients for the FDA, patients on the drug and still using steroids, patients on the drug and stopping steroids but still flaring.

7. What are the real answers in a large group of patients?

8. The studies published were not very positive and many patients dropped out of the study.

9. Where do we stand?

10. I still contend that all of the patients using this medication are RSS individuals and not having bad eczema.

11. What are the long term side effects of this medication?

Curiouser & Curiouser – Part 3

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Scientific misinformation and disinformation is a crime against the patient. The NEA and their paid minions including ITSAN continue to disinform the public and perform dishonorable work that harms patients. They have chosen to ignore 35 years of my own published papers, lectures, websites, essays, and cured patients proving that complete and total withdrawal from topical steroids is the cure.

Instead of recommending the curative withdrawal protocol that saves the patient and saves the patient money, the greedy NEA and big-pharma recommend more drugs and new drugs that assault the patient and enrich themselves. Their monetary gain is clearly more important than the welfare of the patients.

It is obvious that the manufacturer of Dupilumab is in full marketing mode, and has a ready ally in the NEA. After decades of information about eczema in the public view there appears to be a need for “world class“ authorities to revisit this diagnosis again. Now with the “help“ of Mt Sinai dermatology staff and NEA sponsorship, discussion of the diagnosis in a one day forum is being duly advertised. The public is unaware that the hidden agenda of revisiting the diagnosis is to discuss and promote Dupilumab.

I repeat again that there is no […]

Curiouser & Curiouser – Part 2

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The curiouser part unfolds as we examine the lecture – never given before in 30 years – that recommends steroids need to be handled, applied, tapered, and used very carefully. There is no mention of my 35 years of clinical observations concerning addiction to corticosteroids. The information that withdrawal from corticosteroids is the cure for steroid addiction and the resulting Red Skin Syndrome (not bad eczema) has been withheld. Why?

Could it be that a new more profitable product is going to be introduced into the marketplace to replace steroids as the recommended therapy for the non-entity “bad eczema” with NEA support? This is becoming curiouser and curiouser. Citing no long term benefits and no mention of side effects, just the Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron logos emblazoned on the NEA website with requests for donations to the NEA, the new product Dupilumab is being promoted by the NEA. The NEA has become the advertising agency for unnecessary drugs provided by the pharmaceutical companies that support the NEA. Ignoring legitimate studies that say withdrawal is the cure, the NEA is telling unsuspecting suffering patients about Dupilumab with the caveat that these meds are all tested, proven and “ask your doctor for them” […]

Curiouser & Curiouser – Part 1

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The National Eczema Association (NEA) has adopted an Alice in Wonderland approach to steroid addiction.

The NEA recently advertised a free webinar presentation to be viewed on August 23rd. The RN spokesperson will discuss how to “safely” start and taper off steroids. After 30 years of nonstop steroid advocacy, their published papers stating that addiction to steroids is a rare event and a probable byproduct of patient misuse, the NEA has decided on a “new” adventure – withdrawal.

Like Alice in Wonderland jumping into the rabbit hole of unreality the NEA task force consisting of Drs. Hajar, Leshem, Hanifin, Paller and Simpson among others has the audacity to present withdrawal as a “new” protocol. The papers cited fail to include my peer reviewed published papers of 1500 cured steroid addicted patients. The tyrant Queen of Hearts was at work not to inform their fellow physicians of the most august paper in the literature on the subject.

The donating steroid drug companies would not appreciate the truth. Instead, the mercury addled brain of the Mad Hatter must have helped write the NEA papers citing poor paper after paper from the most obscure sources as evidence that the addiction entity is no big deal. In […]

How Many More Therapies Are Needed for “Bad Eczema?” NONE

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When is enough enough? Apparently Never for Big-Pharma. I have counted 11 useless therapies for the non-entity “bad eczema.“ These patients do not have “bad eczema” they are misdiagnosed Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) sufferers. Cure is already available but a curative treatment is only possible with a correct diagnosis.

RSS patients are constantly and consistently misdiagnosed as having “bad eczema.” In fact they do not have eczema, they are steroid addicted from the topical steroids they have been mistreated with for extended lengths of time. They may have started with simple eczema which would have burned itself out if left untreated – but the topical steroids they were prescribed resulted in steroid addiction that developed into RSS. These patients no longer manifest the signs or symptoms of typical eczema because they no longer have eczema – they have RSS.

The multiplicity of ineffective therapies exposes the severe suffering of the RSS patients and the obvious inability of the medical profession to make the proper diagnosis. What are the therapies?

1. More steroids, stronger steroids, more potent steroids, and more frequent steroids – all still ineffective after all these years but still “honored“ as the gold standard.

2. Elidel cream and Protopic ointment – very […]

Why More Studies?

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A cured steroid addicted RSS patient forwarded the most recent advertisement from ITSAN to me. It is a call for patients to sign on to a study of RSS patients in Australia. It must be clarified for ITSAN that in appropriate medical parlance you do studies and lab tests when you do not have an answer to a medical problem or you want to change therapy. Otherwise the studies and tests have no medical value just the possibility of financial incentives. In this advertisement the appeal for donations on ITSAN’s cover page is problematic. What other study is needed when the answer and the cure is already known? It appears ITSAN is trying to keep itself relevant at the expense of suffering patients who are wrongly informed that “new data“ will be derived from the study.

I must inform those who do not know about the history and formation of ITSAN. A patient, Kelly Palace, flew to my LA office from Florida after reading my papers. She began the difficult topical steroid withdrawal protocol required to finally ease her suffering and together we formed ITSAN. The organization’s mission was to offer help, support, and information to the thousands of RSS patients […]